After 11 years, it's time to stop the music. Because we lost key staff, Errorfm will shut down on December 1st.
Bill Show: Mon-Thu 1pm, Fri 12p PST
Bill Mahoney aka “Gay Board-op Bill” from The Adam Carolla Radio Show & Howard Stern - takes you on a journey to various local and exotic locations in this traveling variety show. Bill criss-crosses the country in search of unique entertainment ranging from gay leather shops, to local cafes to the Superbowl.
Jimmy Cole: M-F 11a-12n PST
Jimmy found a love for playin' the hits waaaaay back in 1959. (You know, when dirt was free!) Yeh, almost before the bow & arrow, you might say. Jimmy plays Country & Rock Oldies.
Ian Whitcomb
Ian Whitcomb has been entertaining the world for over 30 years, with neglected music like Ragtime and the simple songs of turn-of-the-century Tin Pan Alley. He has hosted TV shows and appeared at venues from the Hollywood Bowl and the Montreux Jazz Festival to shopping malls and private homes.
Rough Edge Radio
The Original! Editor R. Scott Bolton, Senior Staff Writer Snidermann and East Coast Editor Christopher J. Kelter explore the best hard rock, heavy metal and punk rock. Each week you'll hear vintage cuts, rare tracks and the newest music available. Listen live each Tuesday at 6PM Pacific Time.
Dennis Mitchell's Breakfast With The Beatles
“Dennis Mitchell's Breakfast With The Beatles” is among the world's longest-running weekly tribute shows about the Best Band Ever. Listen each week for a combination listening party and in-depth study of the most amazing phenomenon in music history. Host Dennis Mitchell has produced the show since 1991, covering every Beatle topic imaginable and featuring guests that include Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison, Pete Best, George & Giles Martin, Geoff Emerick and literally hundreds of other musicians, public figures and celebrities.
Mass Movement
Dance music mixed by Joe Bermudez
Dance: Global Nation
Arthur Galestian features the world's best from the global electronic dance music scene with featured guests every month!
Eclectic alternative radio with Brian Blum
Who Asked You?
Whether it be current or old movies, comic books, beer, sex, TV, dinner the night before, it all gets covered. The goal is to make you feel as though you’re sitting around having a drink with friends like it’s Friday night and you’re just hangin’ out. There probably aren’t any gold statues in our future… but if we at least get a chuckle out of you, our job is done.
Rocking Comedy Show
Crazy Jay, Spazz, and Rebekah
The Rock&Roll Geek Show
This is the Real School of Rock! The Original Rock and Roll Podcast. Interviews, music and more from a Rock and Roll Geek.
The Dirt with Marie Lanza
No topic is off limits for Marie Lanza. She hosts this variety chat show with thought provoking talk and news, featuring musicians, entertainers and experts. Raw discussions covering news, pop culture, gossip and whatever’s on her mind!
Pod Zeppelin
Death, Destruction, Politics & Mayhem, otherwise known as the News, Celebrity guests & interviews. No Bieber haircuts. No Hats on sideways. No “Pants on the Ground”. Hosted by Matt Cooper, Brother Rob, and Funk
Rise to Offend
With Brandon “Gooch” Hahn and Dennis Huff. They are both on-air personalities at KOMP 92.3 FM in Las Vegas Nevada. The time has come for them to get off of their asses and do more work. For free. Enjoy the mediocrity!
The Waiting Room
One half of Drunk Country & The Woman of The House + Guests host, a New Music Radio Show syndicated worldwide from the UK. Click the logo to the left!
Soul Shenanigans
Soul Shenanigans DJ dcass (Kiltimagh, Ireland) of
IPOWER SOUND - Sunday Nite Soundclash
Tune in to the IPOWER SOUND the ORIGINAL REGGAE RADIO SOUND SYSTEM that has been blessed by Jamaican and Californian influences. IPOWER REGGAE RADIO SOUND SYSTEM brings the vibes to the people with the desire... livication and passion to make a change in the world. The VIBES are REAL and every tune comes from the HEART.
Country Feedback
With Jeffory Simmons of
Pete Markall
The Pete Markall Show is a weekly 2 hour long program bringing you only the finest in what good music has to offer. Pete has been a mainstay on KCR College radio in San Diego for the past 15 years.
Japanese Rock History
In Memory Of John Peel (Zaph Mann)
Public Sensory Radio: Sat 2pm PST
Public Sensory Radio is a weekly internet radio broadcast dedicated to strange and unpopular music, most notably in the realm of electronic, kozmische, noise, beard rock, ambient, electroacoustic, metal, industrial, psychedelic, progadelic, krautrock, mutant weirdness. Occasional guests and broadcasts from audio cutup collage project Cinema Terrorisme. Curated and hosted by Micah Moses.
After Hours Radio
Broadcasting out of Badger Brew Express in Rice Lake, WI join Ryan Quinn as he explores local and regional music from Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Each week Ryan introduces new independent music and keeps you up-to-date on the things that matter most to you.
Sharp Radio - The Ben Pratt show
Benjamin Pratt is the host of “The Ben Pratt Show” on Extreme XM Channel 165 and ErrorFM. He spent a decade working with some of radio’s most legendary hosts including Glenn Beck, Dr. Laura, George Noory and Phil Hendrie. In 2004 Ben created Sharp Radio. The goal is to bring intellectual honesty back into the discussion and create a place where men and women could get perspective from a younger conservative who wasn’t metro-sexual, feminized, or stuffy.
“Mind-expanding talk and real Radio Theater” about Consciousness, the power of the mind, dreams, aliens, conspiracies, mystics, science, parallel dimensions, and fabricated information told with great sincerity and absolute conviction. MENTALRADIO blurs the line between reality and imagination, the accepted and the unexpected. It's brimming with original content guaranteed to make you feel better whether you want to or not.
Biff Webster is Scallywaggin'
This is the soundtrack to the life of the universe's most nefarious miscreant. Biff Webster transmits recordings he finds on his journey through time and space, directly to ERRORFM so that you may join him as he ventures through the cosmos searching for truth, honor, and slores. Listen to these rare recordings excavated by the infamous scoundrel himself as they paint the enchanting pictures that are his legendary adventures.
Brainbuster Radio
The Brain Busters walk hard and talk loud on professional wrestling every week on ERRORFM.COM.
Podcast Shmodcast
Two college radio DJ's in Los Angeles take on the world at large, themselves, more of themselves, people they know, possibly you, people they don't know, the not that famous, the infamous, and the obscene, bands, music, news, revealing grandiose opinions asymetrically from the center. Broadcast live from Los Angeles, every Thursday night from 10 to midnight pacific.
The Backseat Mogul: Sat 9am PST
Featuring news, reviews and talk about all aspects of showbiz. Join host R. Scott Bolton as he discusses movies, music, television and more. Each show also features a new or upcoming artist or band.
The Friday Shot Day Show
There's no better way to prepare for your weekend than by spending a couple of hours with Los Borrachos Grande on The Friday Shot Day Show. It's just three guys sitting around, shooting the breeze, drinking some beer and sampling some new liquors. But, after a long week at work, it will get you ready for the weekend!
The Psychedelic Circus with Z
Classic & Current Contemporary Non-Schlock-Rock Metropolitan Music. DD who hosts Deaconlight Radio has been a radio DJ since 1977.
Fat Kid
I am a former rock radio DJ and I podcast from my home. I tell funny stories, talk about news headlines and generally have an angry white-guy attitude. I also play a couple of kick ass songs from unsigned artists on each podcast.
The ODDcast
Complete polar opposites come together with a show about skewed perspectives on life, relationships and comedy. Don't worry, they're equal opportunists & make fun of everyone, especially themselves. A gay brother, a bisexual sister and a black guy. What could go wrong?
Mike's Daily Podcast
Mike Matthews was just a young man when he realized that his father, Paul Matthews, was a TV star. He lives in Northern California and loves everything about it. Mike talks, but it’s not pontificating. It’s…um…observating? It’s laugh-induciating? It’s just having fun…ee-ating. Please enjoy his blog and podcast!
Notes from the Underground
The home of the greatest underground/indie rock radio show in the history of...ever. Hosted by the stunningly handsome Mr. Joshua every Saturday 1pm east /4pm west ErrorFM's Rockzilla
Lonesome Jack
Broadcasting from the heart of Dirt Patch, in the town center of his own troubled mind, Lonesome Jack weaves burlap comfort out of a few threads of conversation and a whole lotta fine records. Take a swig from the lightning jug of Jack's discontent and thirst no more for the cleansing melancholy of his words and sounds. Enjoy.
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